American Chris Hart finds J-pop home


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He's got a great voice and a lot of charisma. Ganbare Chris Hart-san!!

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He has a great voice, and all the best to him.


being billed as a genius who understands the “soul” of Japan.

Is the "soul of Japan" wishy-washy ballads?

“I feel embarrassed to come on stage,” said singer Masahiro Nakai after Hart covered one of his songs in his clear, smooth tenor.

Hardly surprising, since Nakai is the WORST singer in the least vocally-talented group in Japan (which is full of groups of people who can't sing well). Literally anyone who can talk could do just as well as him.

Anyway, this Chris guy is very talented, and it's a shame that he will more than likely be forgotten about this time next year, but crap like SMAP will still be famous and loved by most of the Japanese population.

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I've seen a couple of those shows and his voice blew me away. He sang a SMAP song and one by Oda Kazumasa. Fantastic stuff. I hope he gets to make the transition to some songs penned just for him. There's no denying he has talent but from the industry the angle at the moment is that here's a foreigner who can sing cover songs as well as or better than any Japanese pop star. Good luck to him.

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I am not really fan of Jpop or any japanese music, but this guy has a great voice, not just for singing Japanese songs... he can suceed if way better if he can compose his own..he already have the voice...

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Wow, foreigners on JT actually praising other foreigners. There must be something in the water today. : )

He obviously has talent, and I wish him all the best in his singing career.

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Novelty value is a big part of his "success". good luck to him.

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Wow, foreigners on JT actually praising other foreigners. There must be something in the water today. : )

You call it as you see it. If he sang bad as most J-pop artists ( they should learn from him) do, then no need to give praise, but even me, who is the strongest critic of music and a part time writer and composer. I can see Chris has a serious, serious talent, I wish him luck, he'll do just fine.

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"I feel embarrassed to come on stage," said singer Masahiro Nakai

Japan should feel embarrassed every time you come on stage.

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Chris has a great voice, is pitch perfect, and he understands how to present covered songs to the Japanese public. Japanese agents and media groups are very powerful... just as similar groups are powerful in every country. Basically... if you want the fame you've got to play the game. So what I would like to see him do is put out a couple of original singles under a pseudonym if possible. The waters before him will be extremely difficult to navigate if he wants to be successful, have longevity, and respected in Japan. He has the talent but talent alone does not always equal success. Good luck Chris!

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He's poised to become the next Jero over here. They should put a tour together, then they'd have all age groups covered. I admire both of them for embracing Japan to realize their dreams. I certainly have.

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Chris is an amazing singer but, I fear he'll be pushed to the side like so many non-Japanese performers before him. Is that not the reality of the Jpop industry Jason Gatewood?

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Man, if this dude needs a driver I would totally be Turtle to his Vince. Live that dream, bro! LIVE IT! I wish I could be a pop singer. Once again, I find myself in the wrong business.

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