Art of origami gaining Western following


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Er, origami has been popular in the west for a long time. I remember as a kid watching programmes on British TV in the early 70s, showing us how to make everything from a crane to a beetle... and anything else they could think of. There must have been masses of kids making little paper models all over the place.

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Right, you are, Thunderbird2.

Origami USA's been holding conventions for many years (from the early 1980s on I've attended, and taught at, several of them - great fun!)

Elsewhere, a couple of other examples of origami in the west:

Paperfolding has been popular in Spain for centuries. And, more recently, even back in the 1950s in Canada, kids all knew how to make newspaper hats, fortune-tellers, and other simple items.

It's interesting that so many of today's folders have become purists (no cutting), when the first known origami instruction book (Senbazuru Orikata) contains mostly instructions for items that require cutting. Times have changed!

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