At 82, relaxed Clint Eastwood throws another curveball


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"his bizarre speech at the Republican National Convention"

I wouldn't call it bizarre, but I would call it witty and funny.

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Serrano, I thought he was trying to do Grandpa Simpson impersonation..... witty and funny...I just thought it was just sad.

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I don't think he did his homework but just played it by ear which was not too cool.

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It was impromptu genius. The result of a long life with many experiences to draw upon. And, it was hardly a ringing endorsement for the Mitten.

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Listening to shanabelle and Stern, one soon realizes that what they call "thought" was just emoting. You felt it was this, felt it was that. I don't see much thought actually happening. Had you actually thought, you wouldn't be liberals, saying inanities like, "...raised many eyebrows, with some wondering if the icon was simply, sadly, growing senile." Only liberal media types said that, and liberals sucked it up. Coolaid. People who actually think understood the entire time that Eastwood, the actor, was doing a standard gambit used for acting preperation. We see that gambit used everyday, if you actually think about it, as you claim. Not with a chair, but many ways! Instead of saying the truth, which is "I don't understand this!" you made your inability to understand into a statement about Eastwood's sanity. That is pathetic. Shameful and pathetic.

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Personally all his charachters are the same, hes got no versatilility! Never played a gangster or a closet homosexual. Never a doctor, or a mental patient! He is what he is! I wouldnt call him an Icon!

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