Bands urge fans to put smartphones away


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These idiots just don't get it. The phone-wielding fans, that is.

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There is nothing more annoying - no, infuriating - than standing at a live show only to see some moron in front of me raise a smartphone so the entire crowd behind him can see his little screen aglow to take what apparently he thinks will be no less than a Scorcese-quality snippet of the performance. How many times have I went onto youtube to see a shaky, 40-second clip without any discernible song smothered under all the noise, and actually enjoyed it? Not once. Oh, and it's never just one moron but dozens of them doing the same thing. So yeah, I'm with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's here.

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I have seen decent quality concert videos on YouTube, and we do not need more bans on things we can do in our lives, we already have too many!

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Worse than this are the ones who use ipads to take photos.

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On festivals they usually film and record the shows with good quality cameras and microphones which are streamed to the web live when the show is taking place or posted later. Just watch those videos, far more enjoyable.

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"... the battered music industry, which has already seen technology decimate its revenues from record sales."

Easy come, easy go, I'd say. Before "technology," musicians played their music and got paid, moved on to another venue, played and got paid. When and as long as they played, they got paid. Few of them got rich just as few non-muscians do.

Then along came "recordings" and suddenly musicians were able to get very rich while sleeping at home.

If the advance of technology brings the earnings power of musicians full circle, to where they are paid only when they are actually working, then I don't see anything wrong with that. They were getting rich off something they didn't create (recording technology) and if they stop getting rich due to something even newer that they didn't create (highly portable recording technology), then I don't see anything wrong with that.

Work, get paid, work, work, get paid. That's what most people do. No reason why musicians should be any different.

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