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BBC denies misleading 'Frozen Planet' viewers


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When the facts don't fit your agenda, change the facts seems to have become the norm in the world of environmental advocates. It is stunts like this that cast doubt on legitimate scientific study by raising doubts on the validity of scientific data, video and what you can trust when it comes to environmental issues. A lie is still a lie if only a lie by omission.

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Oh come on. They had good reasons for using the zoo footage, and it would have been irresponsible to endanger a camera-man or the cub just so that BBC viewers could see "genuine" polar bear cub footage (genuine in inverted commas since the presence of a camera could change the animals' behaviour).

Does it really matter? No.

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The BBC has been hyping the climate change nonsense propaganda for years now. We all grew up with it and now we must flush it out of our brains if we can.

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When people tell me they listen to the BBC over their home nation's news services because the BBC is "impartial" and "reliable" I can only roll my eyes. The BBC wins the Goebbels Prize every year.

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It really is extraordinary how denialists leap on the smallest and most tangential issues to promote their cause. This episode of the program had nothing to do with climate change, didn't make any false claims, and had full and open details on its website (which is how the anti-BBC media picked up on it in the first case).

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"climate change nonsense propaganda"...how much were you paid to make that twit of a comment? Troll alert.

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Quality bias reporting by the BBC..

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The BBC still makes the worlds best wildlife & nature documentaries...

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