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Black Sabbath emerges from the dark with new album


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Unbelievable.... I love Black Sabbath. I can't wait to buy this album. Truly unbelievable...

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Never cared too much for Ozzie. Have come to love Sharon and Kelly. How's Jack doing lately?

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If this minor band can reunite and get this much response, why can Plant get over it and let Zep reunite and tour. That would change the world.

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When the heck is Fleetwood Mac going to produce a new album? It's been 10 years since their last one...

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Tony Iommi is the master of underworld guitar solos!

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I've read Bill Ward's side of the story,but haven't seen anything from the rest of the band. But if what he wrote was true, I have lost all respect for Black Sabbath.

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"Paranoid" scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. It'll be interesting to hear this.

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Black Sabbath emerges from the dark with new album

Their comment at the time was, Ouch! Ouch! What is that bright burny thing in the sky!??!!

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Best wishes to them all, but especially to Tony Iiomi, who Ozzy himself calls "the most under rated rock guitarist ever." Sabbath's influence on the entire metal genre cannot be overstated.

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