Book looks at 24 years of Noriko Sakai's life


Noriko Sakai, 38, the singer and actress who goes on trial on Oct 26 for possession of drugs and stimulant use, is the subject of a book written by well-known entertainment journalist Yuji Watanabe.

The book, "Sakai Noriko: Kodoku na Usagi" (Noriko Sakai: Lonely Rabbit; Futaba Publishers, 1,260 yen), features interviews with the actress over the past 24 years and other materials. It also includes accounts about her relationship with playwright Shinji Nojima, and opinions from celebrities who supported her during her flight from police in August.

The book includes private photos taken of Sakai by Watanabe. He said, "There have been offers from China and Taiwan to have the book translated into Chinese. It really made me realize how many fans she has all over Asia."

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People will go to any extent to make money. One person makes mistakes and another tries to make money out of it. I really hope that people will find something more worthwhile to read than this book.

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"Lonely rabbit"? Sounds like another crap celeb. book to me. Sadly, that means it will sell well, particularly in Japan and with all the Otaku who still support her.

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Even Women make mistakes (drugs, don't clean their house, marry surfer husbands -the list goes on and on ... ..)

However she still looks good on the cover and men will buy this book. A sort of "funny bunny" mentality.

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Milking the cash cow and taking people's lives apart because the country thinks they own this person and they deserve to know about their life.

Useful as toliet paper as are more tabloids.

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Lonely rabbit ? gonna be a sophisticated read...

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No, she was born in the year of the boar, not the rabbit, so they should change the title to "Lonely Boar" or "Lonely Bore"...

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First drugs. Now books. Sighing.... It sounds too coincidental and premature. Announcement of the book is already made "before" the start of Sakai's trial? Why?

Klein2 was the first JT reader who suspected about her motivation. I followed Klein2 by my instinct. It looks like Klein2 is so right, but I am uncertain if all of Sakai's incidents were staged.

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I hope they put out an English version.

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@BuddhismTech: Thanks for quoting Klein2, finally got to read ALL his previous comments -- and I MUST agree with both of you.

Something is definitely fishy about this woman, this narc situation, what she's done, and what she is having in her mind.

So it turns out that some 90s idol in the industry is in fact a sleeper who has the potential -- esp. thru her clan -- to manipulate all sorts of things, even large conglomerates, including the capability to bring down certain 893 operations -- which would then probably end up in more internal gang war IMHO.

If what you folks have speculated has indeed materialized, then this proves that Non-chan is more than a dangerous person in the society concerned. And, if she's indeed proven to be a liability in the yamishakai because of this, then it's better the rival 893s (Inagawa, Kokusui, Toa Yuai etc.) know of her clan's plot in advance and find an excuse to off her before Hell breaks loose -- there are more important things in the 893 culture and community that ought to be protected, rather than this debased Rabenmutter. (So what she's been in the industry for 23+ years? Relatively, she's just small potato.)

but I am uncertain if all of Sakai's incidents were staged

She probably plays this game properly and premeditatedly, effectively throwing both the media and readers like us off the radar. Now that's scary -- she's just unpredictable!! Who knows when she's doing good and when she's playing rogue???

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Great timing for a book about her life now that it's over along with her career.

Its amazing how many great people have done drugs, and how many mediocre people haven't. Coincidence?

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