Bruce Springsteen plans world tour


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Bruce Springsteen - when I was much younger and couldn't speak a word of English, he had this song out about the streets in Philadelphia. I only understood Philadelphia and Philadelphia was the name of a cream cheese. And I just couldn't understand why anybody would sing a song about a cheese which was to me not even above average at that time.

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"The Boss" is back! Wish he was coming to Japan. Love his energy. Comments above: pretty funny, esp. Foxie. :-)

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@Foxie: on top of all that, Philadelphia cream cheese has nothing to do with Philadelphia - not invented there, not made there. (That's one of those little tidbits you pick up when you're a Philly native.) But that's a great song, and was perfect for the movie. (I'm assuming you've made that connection by now.)

@Serrano: Bruce Springsteen can sing circles around most people recording these days, including Taylor Swift and any J-Pop android you can name.

If you'd had the opportunity to see him live in the '70s or '80s, you would understand why his fans from back then still love him. His concerts were epic.

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Ha ha ha, Springsteen couldn't sing if his life depended on it!

Actually, I think his voice gave the song "We Are the World" some spice...it really gave the song some meaning.

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Springsteen and Bob Dylan are tied for singing ability.

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Dylan and the Boss were amazing songwriters in their prime. Who else could get away with rhyming "fires of the refineries" with "shadow of the penitentaries" like Bruce does in "Born in the USA" (strangely, one of Reagan's favorites back in the '80s).

As for "ability," most of the greatest American male singers have idiosyncratic voices. Ever listen to Hank Snow, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Tom Waits, James Hetfield, Tim Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Taj Mahal, Jeff Tweedy, Paul Simon, or hundreds of other legends? They all stand out because they don't sound like anyone else (OK, Garfunkel sounds a lot like Simon).

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Bruce is great; one of America's poets. Glad he's touring!

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He is still alive??

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He is still alive??

That one made me laugh, somehow.

Anyway, "the boss" never really does much for me, along with a lot of American arena rock. Enough with the ego and vulnerability shtick--working class hero cum superstar cum softspoken prairie balladeer. Springsteen has a great voice and knows how to use it, but I don't much care for his musical approach.

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"Springsteen has a great voice"

Ha ha ha, Springsteen couldn't sing if his life depended on it!

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