Caught! 'Catch-22' now an e-book


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Unless they're MASSIVE hardcovers, I just don't find e-books an appealing alternative to the 'real thing' (ie. a good book in your hands).

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I read it when it first came out. Once was enough. I wonder how many members of the present generation can relate to WW2 SNAFUS.

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It will take some time, but once eBooks get more integrated with the net, and offer hot links, colour, and the "sexiness" of real books, the price appeal will be there for mass "production", driving the cost lower, and taking more people over to eBooks. This will take hard copies in both hard and soft cover to the realm of the LP, as well as black and white photography; specialty products. Numbers will drop off for hard copy purchases, and prices will go up. Bookstores will have to change their business model, just as camera and film shops had to go through a major restructuring in order to survive. People will carry their device in their pocket and that will hold their communications, their work, their life, their eWallet, as well as their books. Life will all be integrated into one instrument that cause individuals to panic when they drop their lifeline in the toilet as they are emailing an interesting page from a book they are reading whilst sitting on the commode.

I love books. But I love my kindle more. I can hardly wait for real eReaders that have functionality like the iPhone or the Androids that are coming on the market.

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Cool. I think it will be more interesting when Farenheit 451 is an e-book, oh the irony.

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