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Champion figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu to make on-screen acting debut as samurai lord

By RocketNews24

He’s handsome, talented and an Olympic gold medalist. And now, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu will be making his screen debut as a samurai lord in the Edo period.

Hanyu captured the nation’s collective heart when he won the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Now, he is set to captivate audiences on the big screen as he makes his very first acting appearance in the movie Tono, Risoku de Gozaru (which roughly translates to “The Interest Please, My Lord”).

The movie is set approximately 250 years ago in the Edo period, during which the Tokugawa Shogunate ruled Japan. The film’s plot centers around nine ordinary inhabitants of a post station town and their efforts to save the townspeople from the burden of the heavy taxes imposed on them by the local government.

In the movie, Hanyu plays Date Shigemura, the lord of the Sendai Domain, who is apparently sympathetic to the plight of the people under his rule. According to the information that has been released, Hanyu’s role isn’t a huge one but is nonetheless a symbolically key figure in the story. Hanyu, who himself is from Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, reportedly was quite happy to play an actual historical figure from his birthplace, especially as the story is considered to be based loosely on true events.

Hanyu filmed his scenes last summer, and in commenting on his first acting experience, said that it was a bit difficult to act with spoken lines and accompanying movements, which is quite different from what he is used to in figure skating. He admits he was quite nervous while filming but enjoyed seeing the process of movie-making firsthand and meeting so many talented actors. He also said that he was pleasantly surprised to learn of this touching story involving Date, whom he tried his best to portray convincingly with both authority and kindness. Hanyu also added that he hopes the acting experience will add to his depth as a skating performer, not just in competitions but in exhibitions and shows as well.

Even fellow actors in the movie were apparently surprised by Hanyu’s appearance, as Sadao Abe, who plays the protagonist, was reported saying that he was stunned to learn that Hanyu would be cast in the film, adding that he was impressed with how the famous skater handled his acting duties.

The movie is scheduled for release in theaters across Japan on May 14. We have a feeling that the film just might attract a whole new audience of people desperately wanting to see the prince of ice on the big screen.

Sources: ITmedia, Tono Risoku de Gozaru official website

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Weediest-looking samurai you'll ever see...could he even LIFT a sword??

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He's probably ripped to the max. No problem doing the topless scenes.

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Now if they can just convince that tennis kid to take up acting, too. I'll be free of making lesson plans for a year!

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sillygirl: What?!?!?!


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