Channel your inner rock god while smoothing your skin with KISS face pack

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By RocketNews24

KISS, the never-ending merchandising machine, is still relatively popular in Japan and periodically releases Japan-exclusive products. In the past we’ve seen black KISS spicy steamed buns and just recently we were treated to a KISS collaboration music video with popular Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z.

But if you aren’t satisfied merely eating or watching the band, you now have a chance to transform into one of its members in mere seconds using the newly released KISS face pack.

Face packs are a part of the beauty regime of many women (and men) in Japan. Filled with collagen, hyaluronan and other hard-to-pronounce words that are supposedly good for you, face packs promise to revitalize even the driest of skin. They usually come in plain white, making the wearer look like some kind of ghost, but recent updates have brought us kabuki, cat, and panda varieties.

But these KISS-inspired face packs are by far the coolest ones we’ve seen. Here’re the Starchild (Paul Stanley) and Spaceman (Tommy Thayer) versions, sold in a two-pack for 900 yen. The Demon (Gene Simmons) and Cat (Eric Singer) are also available for 900 yen.

Since face packs aren’t widely used in the United States and Europe, Isshin, the creators of these fancy face packs, wanted to bridge the gap by printing a popular Western image.

Have these KISS face packs convinced you to try out a new beauty regime? Although face packs are supposed to revitalize the wearer’s skin and reveal a more beautiful complexion, you’ll just have to settle for looking like a make-up-wearing rocker until it’s time to peel the face pack back off.

Source: NariNari

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1 Comment
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Obviously written by a cosmetics industry reporter who knows nothing about KISS. The characters pictured are NOT Starchild (Paul Stanley) or Spaceman (ACE FREHLEY) but actually the Demon (Gene Simmons) and the Cat (PETER CRISS).

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