Chasing the K-pop dream


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And here it is, sort of Asian Miley Cyrus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxQG5aj44_8 They don't start dancing until half way through http://youtu.be/fxQG5aj44_8?t=2m22s If only Japanese girls could find their way to being a bit more lolly pop sucking sexy (slutty?) they could take back the pop crown.

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K-pop was very popular in Japan, but as SK intensifies its Japan bashing, it disappeared. There are still some K-drama on TV, but those number are in decline too.

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We call it demonstration music (demo) won't make the charts on the "International scene"

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Anybody think this isn't the same in J-pop?

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Jpop doesnt seem to understand the concept of practicing how to sing and dance or get pretty members (often purposely picking average looking girls), at least not if AKB is any barometer of actual talent.

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