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China limits 'overly entertaining' TV programming


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Excellent idea. Yesterday I watched a tarento show for 5 minutes which must have been the no.1 ridiculous show I have ever seen. Is she a real AKB48 member or a fake one? How much worse can it get? I would love to watch more good quality documentaries on TV and right now the only thing I watch is the news.

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The Chinese are thinking wrong. They can control the masses much better by having them sit in front of the boob tube like zombies watching stupid game shows and other junk. Why would they want to put on educational shows and teach the masses?

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More importantly, once the masses get bored of TV, what are they gonna do? Go out and notice what's wrong with their lives and maybe even do something to improve it, like protest or something?

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"It singles out... reality programming."

Maybe they are worried about all the talentless spinoffs that those shows create. I'm thinking Kelly Osbourne, Bristol Palin, the omnipresent Kardashian clan, and so on. Their govt. is safeguarding viewers' eardrums & mental health.

Who is the Chinese equivalent of Ozzy Osbourne, sitting on the sofa in his bathrobe and rambling incoherently about which expensive carpet the dogs shat on today?

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