Composer Sakamoto dreams of a masterpiece 'before I die'


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Evil tobacco killed our hero Bowie...cancer. If Sakamoto-san was/is a smoker, then there you go. These articles never say if the cancer-struck person smoked. Perhaps it is some sort of cultural taboo or the JT lobby is too strong to resist, so it is censored. Anyway, wishing Sakamoto-san the best and for a great final album. Bowie's last music was released the day he died...from cancer. Oh, and that photo of Bowie with the cancer-stick. Hate to admit it, but he was the most elegant smoker on planet Earth. Now he looks down on us from heaven, where he is "in danger". Miss him very much.

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@RangerMIFFED Bowie died of liver cancer not of lung cancer! If smoking would have been the cause he'd had at least lung cancer before getting liver cancer. So no, not 'evil tobacco' killed our hero Bowie! Smoking was one of Bowie's traits, those traits go on the same line with him having brought us plenty of his fantastic performances.

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Sakamoto san dreams may have already been fulfilled.....

Ryuichi Sakamoto with David Sylvian - heartbeat....


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Sorry, CGB, but cigarettes do not simply cause only lung cancer, it causes many kinds. Your point, while well meaning, is not accurate. Plus, who knows how many followers of David Bowie were entranced by his lovely smoking photos....and they died of lung/whatever cancer. I just wish he had not been hooked on the cancer sticks. However, are you suggesting his drinking caused liver cancer? That is the usual connection.

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Have you considered the possibility that those cigarettes may have just contributed in some way to his creative abilities?

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