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Could Harry Potter return? JK Rowling says maybe


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Okay, enough is enough J.K. Leave well enough alone...

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I enjoyed the Books, like with many series(Dune, Discworld, Amtrak Wars, etc) they got better after Volume 2 or 3. Granted many suffered from a bad and abrupt ending(ex. Amtrak Wars).

And as with most Movie adaptions they didn't give full justice to the Books. Never mind that there are some books that shouldn't be made into movies like LOTR, Never Ending Story, etc as they often break the major rules of the books.

Example: Enemy Mine missed the most important of the book., which would have extended the movie by another hour. The story of HOW he gets to sing the Childs family line and the struggles, opposition he faced to do so.

I think Harry could return but lets forget the last chapter of the final book and set it 5+yrs later.

Even Alexandre Dumas had sequels to his "3 Musketeer Book" set 10 and 20yrs after the initial story and 3rd sequel usually not credited.

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I think 7 books is already overkill, but perhaps readers would welcome an older Harry Potter sometime in the future (and when the young readers have already grown up).

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Anne of Green Gables, Wizard of OZ, etc got more books. Personally don't like those but they have an audience.

Discworld series is now at what like book 30 and people are crying as the author won't be able to turn many more out due to his sickness.

Harry Potter has a big global following and as long as it sells it will be produced.

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no! noo! nooooooo! god no! i beg you noooooooooooo!

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I hope so. I've inadvertently recorded over my Harry Potter video that I'd been using to help me sleep on those nights when I find it difficult to fall asleep, so I need to record another Harry Potter movie.

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The main point of Harry Potter is that Rowling already put closure on the story, and perhaps the only way it could continue is if Voldemort returns. Otherwise, I think Harry should enjoy the rest of his remaining teenage years; he deserved it.

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Agree that the story is finished at the moment. Last chapter I meant the one on the train-platform. End before that was weak, IMHO.

Said that Bobby Ewing managed to make a comeback from the Dead. :P

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No more please !!!! The books are boring !!!!! Watching paint dry is more exciting. Let's enjoy the yawn fest.

Harry Potter movies are so intense I fall asleep during the first ten minutes of the movie,

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Oh please god, no. As much as I would never read the books or see the movies anyway, DON'T let it be some continuation of success solely for the success. Start something else.

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Harry Potter will return as surely as people love money, nuff said.

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Seems she has been reading the playbook of one George Lucas, keep squeezing the milk out of the potter cow J.K Lucas

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