Daniel Kelly, An American Artist in Japan


Kyoto-based artist Daniel Kelly has won international renown for his portrayal of Japanese themes in arrestingly unconventional forms.

His paintings and prints of people, fish, paper lanterns, and landscapes are noteworthy for their innovative textures and materials, and for their physical impact—from some of the largest woodblock prints in Japan to "wall sculptures" that seem ready to explode from the wall on which they hang.

His work has attracted the attention of leading art museums around the world and is held by a variety of prestigious institutions including New York's Museum of Modern Art and the British Museum.

"Daniel Kelly: An American Artist in Japan" chronicles Kelly's journey as an artist from his arrival in Kyoto in the late 1970s to the present day. Full-page, full-color reproductions of 85 of his most important works from this period are accompanied by a comprehensive, illustrated catalogue of all his editioned prints from 1977 to 2009, making this volume a must-have for collectors, students, and anyone with an interest in portrayals of Japan through contemporary art.

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Daniel's work is fantastic. I would encourage anyone interested in art to check out his work.

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I checked out his website -- very interesting portrayals, I would love to see them in an exhibition sometime -- definitely considering getting his book.

When does it become available on AMAZON.com?

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Additional Information:

By Daniel Kelly

Foreword by Banana Yoshimoto

Commentary by Hollis Goodall Kodansha Int’l Hardcover 128 pages ISBN: 978-4-7700-3133-4 / 4-7700-3133-5

seriously ... the guys name is really "banana" yashimoto, come on what were his parents thinking?? anyway, checked out the guy's site and the artwork seems interesting.

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seriously ... the guys name is really "banana" yashimoto, come on what were his parents thinking??

HER real name is MAHOKO Yoshimoto.. just FYI.

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AND she is one of Japan's literary stars.....

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Yoshimoto Banana is unique. Crazygaijin read her book, you will know.

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