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Diana film at Cannes slams UK royals as 'gangsters'


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Hooray for conspiracy theories!

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"Allen said he had declined to make any of the 87 cuts recommended by the film’s lawyers before it can be shown there". Leaving a total run time of 3 & 1/2 minutes.

As far as being "Racist or Gangsters"...When you are in a Monarchy you can be whatever you want to be..as long as you are quite about it.

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Can't say I disagree since these people of privilege live off of the backs of the common person within their Commonwealth. It infuriates me that Canadians are forced to pay into this gangster type system irregardless.

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Racist? Who knows. Gangsters? Mohammed Al Fayed funded the documentary so is anyone even remotely surprised at the outcome? You couldn't get more predictable even if you put TEPCO in charge of an inquiry into what went wrong at Fukushima.

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I thought there was freedom of expression in the UK?

I guess that I am wrong ....

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"I thought there was freedom of expression in the UK?

I guess that I am wrong ...."

Freedom of expression exists, as do slander and defamation laws. If someone is going to make public accusations, he/she needs to have grounds for doing so and be willing to have those grounds tested in a court of law.

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Next can they do one on the Japanese monarchy?

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If the director had started to put together a film showing the Royals had nothing to do with it, how fast would the funding by Mohamed Al Fayed have dried-up, considering his past statements? The tone of this movie was determined as soon as the father of one of the accident victims became the primary financier of the movie.

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The movie apparently likens the Duke of Edinburgh to Fred West. For those of you who don't know Fred West, he was a serial killer who preyed on prostitutes/vulnerable young women.

As has been said above, it was funded by Al Fayed and as such this conclusion was always going to be reached.

I presume that in the movie they don't ask why only one person was wearing a seat belt and why that one person was the only one to survive.

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Nice try, but I bet Al Fayed still won't get his UK citizenship papers.

It'll be vaguely interesting to see how well this does at the box office, after the first flush of curious onlookers and conspiracy theorists.

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"I thought there was freedom of expression in the UK?"

There is. If there wasn't, this film would likely have never been made.

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