Disney sees superhero dollars in Marvel unknowns


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What??? Marvel's selling to Disney?? SHAME!

I can just see Disney's PUNISHER movie.... granted, can't be as bad as the first two, and the third wasn't much better.

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I see the Marvel genre taking a hit somewhere. It will be difficult for Disney to satisfy both hardcore fans over 18 and the parents of children in Elementary school.

I will say Disney has gotten better at repackaging ideas. For example, the way they sell sex to young boys and girls using the Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana. The parents are too dumb to even realize what'shappening.

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smithinjapan at 11:16 AM JST - 31st December: I can just see Disney's PUNISHER movie.

ROFLOL! x__x;;; Yaa... I thought something similar, too.

I wonder if the unknown superheroes will make impromptu dances and songs, and will have cute anthropomorphic sidekicks, too.

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would like to see peter parker and miley get together

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Smith. This is old news. I think that the deal was struck in October or something. Disney will have all the rights to all the important characters in our lifetime. Roy Disney is now dead, which puts Disney in the hands of soulless minions of an obscure religion that shall remain nameless.

Disney has distribution and other rights for Ghibli, Marvel, ABC, Touchstone, and a couple of cable channels and more and more and more. Resistance is futile.

When they rip "It's a small world" out of the theme parks, we will know it is the end of days.

You think a PUNISHER MOVIE will be weird? Wait til you see him on top of the Matterhorn, or SpiderMan swinging from the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.

And BigLittleman... thank God for SouthPark, am I right?

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You guys love to associate Disney with pure kiddy movies. Do you realize Disney has invested in more that just cartoons for a long time? Sure, they don't stamp Disney all over them, but they know how to make a mature and successful franchise, and they sure as hell know how to maintain one.

I think the franchise is in good hands.

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The Astonishing Ant-Man...I just don't know, but Dr. Strange would be good in full length movie form, I think. There has already been an animated version and a short movie, as I recall. It would be difficult to keep the same feeling as the comics, but it could be done.

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