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Drumming prodigy Senri Kawaguchi wows in new video supporting the Japan's soccer team

By Preston Phro, RocketNews24

Teenage drummer Senri Kawaguchi, famous for her enthusiastic YouTube videos, appears in a stunning new video for the Japan national soccer team.

There are plenty of musicians doing amazing work on YouTube, but Kawaguchi is easily among the best. Despite still being too young to drink or vote, she’s already well-known to drummers around the world, and a new video released by the drummer last week shows just why so many are in love with her percussive skills.

Playing in support of the Japanese team ahead of the FIFA World Cup qualifying games, Senri blazes through the song with stunning precision.

As you may have noticed, if you can take your eyes away from the teen’s drumsticks or the giant grin she breaks into halfway through the video, Senri is wearing the team’s newest uniform. We have no idea how the next World Cup will go, of course, but we can’t help thinking that the Japanese team will stand a good chance of going all the way if they can just learn how to channel their inner Senri Kawaguchis!

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I listen to a lot of death metal and black metal, mostly for the drumwork......

This was a surprisingly impressive performance. Kudos to her! m/ >_< m/

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Bravo!! She's amazing!

But I wouldn't want her in our band... because she'd make the rest of us look bad!

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Strangerland: Because of her music or .. hee hee

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Impressive. A few different styles of beats in there too.

She looks like she's having fun as well while doing it (flipping the drumsticks around). Loved the 'more cowbell' bit as well.

Good luck to her and her career.

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