Edomae Sushi


Top sushi master Kikuo Shimizu, now 71 years young, reveals secrets of Edomae sushi, the traditional sushi of Tokyo.

Edomae means “in front of Edo,” until 1868 the name of Japan’s capital that is now called Tokyo. In bustling 19th-century Edo, workers who needed quick meals found that hand-formed nigiri, made from vinegar-seasoned fish and rice, was nutritious and invigorating. Although today few written records remain about true Edomae sushi, its techniques and soul have been passed down through generations of chefs. Traditions have been maintained, but also have evolved gradually over time.

"Edomae Sushi" includes photographs and instructive text on many types of sushi, explaining the ingredients and methods of preparation. In addition, details are provided about how and when the essential accompaniments—wasabi, nori, and rice—are grown and harvested, as well as the best methods of preparation.

A stunning record of the life and development of a traditional Japanese sushi artisan, this book will enhance the knowledge of professionals and enthusiasts, enabling them to develop a deeper respect for this gastronomic tradition, and better enjoy sushi.

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Lots of the pictures in this book seem to come from the net.

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Who in their right mind would even consider eating sushi since the Fukushima incident? The sushi industry is game over for me and anyone who even remotely cares about their health.

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While I wouldn't eat fish coming directly from around Fukushima, it is important to note that just because Sushi is a kind of Japanese food doesn't mean all the fish comes from around Japan... in fact a great deal of it is fished all around the world.

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The real danger from fish won't start to appear until they have had a chance to consume a bunch of things lower on the food chain that have been accumulating radioactive particles.

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Quote from article: Edomae means “in front of Edo,”

Actually that is a rather bland, even meaningless explanation. Edomae means taken fresh from the waters in front of Edo Castle. This means the shortest journey to the sushi shop, back in days when travel took time and fresh fish could not travel.

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Edomae sushi directly translates to Edo front and literally translates to Edo style. In this book, the author explores the history of Edomae sushi and writes, from personal experience, about the life and training of a traditional Japanese sushi artist. He shares his insights into the attitude and philosophy of Edomae sushi, a tradition based on plainness, artistry, and high quality. Large photos augment instructive text which describes the ingredients and his own techniques for maximizing flavor from washing fatty fish in vineagar to intensify its fatiness and marinating lean fish in kombu kelp to increase its umami, to set the surface of a piece of fish to fit along the curvature of the portion of rice forming a single existence from the two ingredients. Chef Shimizu also includes some basic receipes and preparation methods. A must read book for sushi addicts and for your information, his nine-seat counter restaurant, Kikuyoshi is located in Akasaka.

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