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'Zombie ice' from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches


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According to studies we're already underwater and have been since the 1980s.

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There is only one way to Stop It All.

Decrease the population!

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So what ?

Aren´t decades enough time to adapt ?

Should we get ready like in Waterworld ?

Isn´t war between Ukrain and Russia 100 times more devastating and risky in comparison ?

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Isn’t that splendid good news for all those hydrogen fans? Now they have quite an amount to play with, splitting the additional 10 inches of water H2O into the molecular H2 and O2. It’s even a CO2 free process, but still quite some conditions and restraints there, for example the energy used must fully be green and the byproduct O2 has to be further processed or stored and shouldn’t go into our air.

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However, my parents told me that before 1980 the narrative was totally different, that earth is going to freeze.

Yep, as there become more and more greenhouse gases they trapped heat energy more and more contributing to warming but after a certain point the grrenhouse gases then act as a shield against the light energy leading to cooling and eventual freezing, purportedly.

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We're just small kids then so we can't really laugh at the big idiots saying them

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Isn´t war between Ukrain and Russia 100 times more devastating and risky in comparison ?

The nuke stockpile race, thousands more riskier

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The nuke stockpile race, thousands more riskier

The risk of a nuclear catastrophe is just that, a risk. The probability that risk will be realized is less than one, much less. What this research says is that the 27cm rise in ocean levels is assured. The probability is equal to one and the degree of risk that sea level rise creates depends upon where you are.

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@Desert tortoise

Any risk is assessed by certainty an impact level.

The climate change is very high about certainty but impact is limited for many, or even hardly existent or even beneficial.

For nuclear risks, very limited occurrence (if possible none I wish like 99,99999% of us!) but impact is just too high.

I assess the impact by number of casualties. The material damage, we should not care very much. And I know what I am talking about since my job is loss adjuster.

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