AI and machine learning are improving weather forecasts, but they won't replace human experts

By Russ Schumacher and Aaron Hill

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Somehow doubt human expertise has any advantage over machine learning and AI when it comes to weather forecast.

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That’s just an overestimated hype, to generate some business and jobs. AI is in general capable of nothing and equally stupid as my breakfast jam. You can also take your own experiences or a dice for prediction tasks. Only in a few limited fields AI is good to play a supportive role, like text / speech (Siri & co.) and other audio / video processing and categorizing, where automated driving is a subtask of, if additionally sensor supported, for example. Forget the whole rest, the earlier the better.

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AI and machine learning are improving weather forecasts, but they won't replace human experts:


If AI hi-tech can learn to improve the forecast, won't it surpass experts one day?

Would the technology not be able to predict the 'butterfly-effect' better than humans soon..?

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They say a two day forecast is the most accurate forecast

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eventually AI will replace humans in these kind of problems where variables are controlled every year. Maybe in 5-10 years weather forecast will be done automatically and with more precision than now. Sad for the people doing this work right now but maybe they can find jobs helping the AI

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