Airlines are being hit by anti-greenwashing litigation – here’s what makes them perfect targets

By Calum Maclaren

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Flying is responsible for a staggering 5% or so of human-induced global warming and its climate impact is still growing at a rate far greater than almost any other sector.

Indeed. This is what happens when you have ¥7000 flights to Sapporo. Budget flights and short haul domestic flights should be banned. In the climate crisis, air travel should be a luxury.

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Carbon-neutral is a huge scam, and airlines would be best to ignore it.

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Carbon-neutral is a huge scam

Indeed. It's a license to keep polluting so

airlines would be best to ignore it.

Airlines should diversify fuel type by using sustainable aviation fuels, which can be produced from plants, algae, cooking oil, and even municipal waste.

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The rise in greenwashing litigation can in part be attributed to the relative ease with which cases can be brought. 

No, it's because of the proliferation of Greenwashing. It's everywhere. Eco labels etc on everything - even vending machines - that heat, cool and light up 24/7 for what basically unnecessary waste creating products.

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The 5% carbon responsibility figure should be bracketed with what the economic impact air provides to the world's economy. This would help with where limited resources are applied to be most effective without causing the most harmful economic impact. That said, agree with a poster above, stop the silly pandering advertising and the law suits have no grounds.

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