Alarm as Earth hits 'Overshoot Day' Thursday: NGOs


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"Agriculture contributes to deforestation, climate change by emitting greenhouse gases, loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystems, while using a significant share of fresh water," the NGOs said.

Why do they always leave out that animals are part of 'the circle of life' though? Industrial agriculture has its faults, but regenerative agriculture is always overlooked strangely. The 'greenhouse gas emissions' are never more than that which was in the plants the animals eat, which is then recycled into new plants.

Mining lithium for batteries to be used in electric vehicles, on the other hand, is just flat out toxic and lays waste to the landscape. Coal is used to generate power far less efficiently than oil for the same purpose. Yet, this is often overlooked.

The people promoting the 'green agenda' seem to have ulterior motives behind their professed love for the planet... if industrial society is so toxic, why do all the solutions require large amounts of technology made by giant corporations? Why not encourage people to grow their own food like the old days so they don't have to rely on global supply chains? The people in charge are never going to give up steak and planes, no matter what they tell you to do...

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Why not encourage people to grow their own food like the old days so they don't have to rely on global supply chains?

If you are talking about self-sufficiency then please share your plan to give everyone 5 acres of land on which to achieve this.

Alternatively, if you're suggesting a very much scaled back plan then those who are able to do so, and have the means to do so, should be encouraged but city dwellers are going to have problems with this. Growing vegetables instead of flowers would be a start, lettuces in window boxes etc.

The "old days" are never coming back unless and until they are forced upon us by plague and pestilence or nuclear war maybe. Perhaps the only survivors in the future will be the "preppers", who knows.

Having a big chip on your shoulder about giant corporations and the "people in charge" won't help.

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Alarm as Earth hits 'Overshoot Day'-NGOs:

It marks a tipping point when people have used up "all that ecosystems can regenerate in one year".

The scary part is it gets earlier every year. Now in July, soon it will be in June, then May, April, March..

What next?

Be alert..

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