Europe hits resistance in race to finalize green laws

By Kate Abnett

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Say you are going to help the environment and everyone cheers you on. But when the legislation lands your electorate with a £5 a day tax to drive to work, wipes out local businesses and shops or reduces access to food, it is much less popular. When the economy was going well, people were prepared to pay out some of their spare cash to be green. But the energy sanctions have hammered European economies, ramped up interest rates on mortgages and there is no spare cash any more. Deglobalisation is cutting off supplies of goods and food, so losing farming capacity or levying taxes for cow farts is now less doable. Do you grow food on land or put solar panels on it, or ban all human activity and lose the land to small furry creatures and brambles? Much of this legislation was designed when economies were strong and trade was flowing freely. But the swing to nationalism and the politicising of trade is very expensive. Going green is now starting to look like a luxury that we cannot afford, financially or politically.

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No, there is no significant resistance there. First, the people are already such brainwashed and ideology indoctrinated so that they will finally always abide and contribute without bigger questioning. Second, the EU is now grown into such a big bureaucratic monster, that no one can stop it anymore, also not even by elections , because locally contradicting results or massively resistant outliers in one or a few countries will easily be balanced out and averaged. No, they will just continue to run into their ruinous disaster, and no one can stop it, even if they would anyhow regain consciousness they couldn’t anymore stop it themselves.

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