Arctic fires could release catastrophic amounts of C02: study


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Damn...not good.

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Global warming is responsible for bigger and bigger fires in Siberia, and in the decades ahead they could release huge amounts of carbon now trapped in the soil, says a new report.

More fear-mongering !

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More fear-mongering !

If the information is substantiated in valid scientific reports and it reflects the opinion of the experts then it is not valid to call it fear mongering, rational people use scientific information to make decisions and be aware of the likely outcomes in the future. Only people with a strong anti-scientific basis consider information fear-inspiring.

Do you have any evidence to contradict the conclusions of the report being explained in the article? if not then the only rational thing to do is to consider them valuable information, not fear mongering.

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More fear-mongering !

Summer temperatures of 35 degrees C in places like Yakutsk is not fear mongering. Fires that burn in the peat below the snow all winter are unprecedented. In the past winter would put forest fires out but no more.

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It's not fear mongering at all. Global Warming is real and it is a direct result of the massive amounts of CO2 that has already been released into the atmosphere over the last 150 years. Deforrestation only contributes to the effects CO2 by stopping trees absorbing the CO2. The sad truth is, even if all CO2 production and deforrestation was stopped today it would still take tens of thousands of years for the climate to stabilize. At present we are only experiencing the early stages of worldwide climate change. Global warming is only the beginning of a series of catastrophic events that will effect the whole world. Starvation and displacement of a third of the world's population will become a reality as sea levels rise and the low-lying rice belts become flooded with salt water. Add to this the increased alkalinity and temperatures of the world's oceans that are causing coral reefs to die and fish species to move to cooler waters putting pressure on other species and starvation is more than a probability. That's without mentioning the damage the huge plastic gyres of the world's oceans are doing to fishes and sea birds. Unfortunately, the immediate future of humans is pretty bleak and the major effects will start within the next century. I wouldn't be woried about fear mongering. It's the fact that governments are not preparing for the a major climate shift and that they are covering up the realities of what is to come that people should be worried about. I wouldn't be in any rush to buy waterfront property.

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Your comment is long sighted, but not enough.

The climate warming is not the problem of the dwellers of the mountains, the shores or the deserts. The climate system is non-linear, a-stable and chaotic.

Soon the oceans will boil, and the atmospheric temperature will reach hundreds degrees Celsius.

The following steps should be taken immediately: Stopping the generation of electricity which is based on carbon compounds (first move to photovoltaic panels, then to concentrated solar power and to Thorium reactors); stopping all unnecessary traffic (including all tourism); Deploying sheets of radiation reflecting material in the deserts and other broad empty surfaces.

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