Arctic warming four times faster than rest of Earth: study


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I still don't understand why these stories aren't headline news.

The carbon levels in the atmosphere haven't been this high for millions of years and the temperature rises associated with such high levels are now locked in so even if all fossil fuel burning stopped immediately, temperatures will continue to rise and will be driven even higher with climate tipping points such as ones connected to the arctic melting.

Wake up leaders!

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But JT’s best and brightest on the right say climate change isn’t real. So even though this is happening, it isn’t.

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ifd66 - Agreed.

Its not looking good.

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I'm seeing the word "models" (and variations of it) often in this article.


Models set up by scientists studying the "climate crisis" ... whose funding disappears if no such "climate crisis" exists.

It's not crazy at all to suggest that scientists can be bought as easily as politicians or anyone else. In fact, it's a take-it-to-the-bank certainty.

Be skeptical, folks. I know it's much more trendy to "trust the science" when "the science" happens to align with your ideology.

But critical thinking and reason demand a much higher standard.

Remember too that several dozen environmental "doom and gloom" predictions, of varying types, have been made since the first Earth Day in 1970 -- and not a single one of them has come true.

The "climate crisis" crowd has an absolutely horrid track record when it comes to credibility. If any other group of people had a several-decades-long batting average of .000 when it came to its predictions, society would have long since stopped paying attention to them.

But the "climate crisis" pushers keep getting second chance after second chance. Why? Enough of their fear-mongering already.

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"models" (and variations of it) often in this article.

Well if you keep up with the news, there is a very strong pattern of the trends and predictions of the climate models being right, but unfortunately, the variations are in the timing and severity i.e. many of the worst case scenarios are coming true far quicker than the models predicted.

For the duration of my spring Environmental Issues lectures I keep a record of headlines about record breaking extreme weather events around the globe. In 2001 the list was 1 A4 sheet long. This year it was 2 A4 sheets long.

The course is only 14 weeks long.

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If you visit way norther and way southern latitudes, you'll see the warming for yourself. It is everywhere.

I've seen a 2km² chunk of a glacier that dropped into the water less than a day prior in Patagonia. Great photos from nearly all directions, but sad in a way too.

Local villages near water have seen their permafrost disappear. They are losing stretches of their bufferzone with the oceans. Some villages have been relocated 2+ miles, which makes it hard for most of the people there who all get their food from the sea.

Anyone who lives less than 4m above sea level, this is your Darwin test moment. Be a thinking human and relocate to higher ground. I know a few people who are failing this test. Some in my family. I relocated in the mid-1990s to 300m above sea level after seeing my semi-coastal home flooded. Was living off a lake that feeds into a bay, that feeds the Gulf of Mexico. The water is brackish there - not fresh, but not as salty as the ocean. I think I passed that test.

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