Australia's new climate promise meets mining reality


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Australia's new climate promise meets mining reality:

Is that just a promise?

Here a flood, there a fire, further away a drought.

The nation has been mercilessly pounded upon by unusual natural disasters in past few years, leaving behind massive destructions. Still in doubt..?

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The rich are insulated against climate change and are always the last to succumb. Ordinary people face crippling financial ruin that they can not cope with. Those making billions from mining will not stop unless they can replace mining with an even more lucrative income or until forced to do so by law or collapse of their companies.

Regardless of what happens, life will continue in some form, albeit much less than it was and much harder for most.

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These people are delusional. Energy exports and iron ore are Australia's biggest export earners. What will they be replaced with? Lets hear it. Australia holds no competitive advantage in anything else. Those are the hard facts. Mining and agriculture are it. There is nothing else in the pipeline that comes close.

And this fantasy of exporting solar energy to Singapore is laughable nonsense that will not see the light of day.

Given the economic sensitivities, the Albanese government has so far dodged calls to set a deadline for withdrawal from the sector, arguing international markets will decide when coal is no longer viable.

So thats at least a couple decades then.

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The rich are insulated against climate change and are always the last to succumb. 

Maybe a Category 5 hurricane will scrape Mar-a-Lago off the face of the Earth. Well, one can hope!

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