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Beauty brand BOTANIST starts SDGs reforestation project in Hokkaido

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

Since 2017, Lifestyle and Beauty product brand BOTANIST has been dedicating a portion of its sales to acts of reforestation and woodland conservation in Japan. The brand, which is based on the concept of "living among plants will bring a prosperous future," is fully committed to being a sustainable brand and has been actively participating in supporting SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In 2021, the company’s biggest effort relating to reforestation began with the creation of BOTANIST Forest in Hokkaido’s Bihoro-cho.


The plan is to replant a variety of native trees lost in a logging area, and to to restore it to its diverse forest former glory.

Since starting the project earlier this year, BOTANIST has planted 1,000 trees on 0.5 hectares of land (5,000 m²). In the future, the brand is hoping to expand the forest by at least 1 hectare filled with 2,000 trees every year. This number takes into account the estimated feeding damage from local wildlife such as rabbits and deer.


With the cooperation of Bihoro-cho Hall and Bihoro-cho Forestry Association, a signboard has been installed that signifies the start of the project with the name BOTANIST Forest.

The project has begun with the planting of white birch and broad-leaved trees such as alder, which are similar in genetics to the original vegetation of Bihoro-cho. The project started with a bump, as all original 1,500 trees planted died due to record breaking heat and a lack of rain in Hokkaido. Not feeling discouraged, the team pushed through and has overcome the hard times by successfully planting 1,000 trees so far.

Even if you are not a local to Bihoro-cho you can still get involved with the reforestation project by purchasing BOTANIST products, as a small portion of sales will go towards the support of BOTANIST Forest – Buy from BOTANIST, and grow a forest.


So why has BOTANIST chosen to regrow the forests of Bihoro-cho?

The answer is simple; the idea is to create a sustainable world, where the brand can manufacture goods and give back to nature at the same time.

Brand Manager Asami Kobayashi explains that ‘birch water’ collected from birch trees is an essential ingredient to BOTANIST’s botanical shampoo treatment. By planting and restoring the birch trees of Bihoro-cho, the aim is that BOTANIST will one day be able to use the trees of BOTANIST Forest for the manufacturing of goods, whilst keeping up a sustainable cycle.

Kobayashi concludes that although it is possible that she may not see the forest in it’s completed state during her lifetime – with the trees taking 30 to 40 years to mature and approximately 60 years to be hardened enough for use as building material – she is happy to know that her actions will support the future sustainability of the world.


BOTANIST’s concept of "living with plants" also overlapped with Bihoro-cho’s desire to create a diverse forest. This desire is perhaps fueled by the fact that Bihoro-cho has acquired the international forest certification – which is only held by three forestry organizations in Hokkaido – and has been actively working to create environmentally friendly forests that contribute to Japan’s SDGs.

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