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Biden administration sets first-ever limits on 'forever chemicals' in drinking water


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A tiny first step, but at least is something, ignoring a possible risk do not make it disappear.

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PFAS has been already found from also blood of residents around US bases or chemical factories in Japan.

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Somebody has to lead the way and set the precedent and standard.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you make America great again. Setting an example for all to look up, not by kowtowing to a blubbering hypocritical lying crying diaper-stinking dictator.

Pollution (of all kinds) is a major problem for humanity and this is oner step for a solution.

I remember in Sunday School we did a schlocky number about 'solution to pollution can be more than just a dream' but like most things there, it was lip service.

Action speaks louder than words.

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