Billionaires promote CO2-removing schemes to protect climate

By Charlotte DURAND

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"Such prizes, including carbon purchases made by Stripe and Microsoft, are important but insufficient first steps to building out a robust carbon removal ecosystem," he said.

The consequences of climate change would justify much more important efforts but at least something is being done, from all the different things billionaires could be using with their money this is at least something positive. Of course, nothing guarantees that this will bring a solution.

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Aren't these the same billionaires who flew their private jets to Davos this week for the annual confab to tell the plebs to cut back on their carbon emissions? Among the other excretory proclamations they're want to make.

Next they'll be coming out with hilarious hogwash like "By 2030, you'll own nothing and be happy."

Oh, hang on...

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It's taken me a lifetime to save a million dollars. I can't imaging how to do it a thousand times over. But if I had a billion dollars the last thing I'd try to save is the climate. I'd buy myself a fertilized dinosaur egg.

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