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Can factory chicken really help save the climate?


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45 days, folks. A month and a half. That's their lives.

If we think only in terms of CO2 emissions per kilo of meat, we'd all start eating chicken.

It would probably be insects.

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Filled with growth hormones and antibiotics, no doubt.

What a joker.

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Dahirel insisted that intensive farming is "the most efficient and rational system" for producing meat

Which of course ignores the argument that the most efficient and rational system would be not producing meat in the first place.

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I have to wonder what they are jamming down these chickens' throats. Hopefully, not doing what they did to the cows decades ago and feeding them bone meal, and in that close environment i can assume they are jamming antibiotics into them too. So the least amount of time means the FASTEST, with the least amount of food, meaning the CHEAPEST. The cheapest also means most profitable and if i look back on farming, with Bird flu, BSE, and others....... it's not going to be that good. Garbage in Garbage out.

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Apart from the awful treatment of these birds, this kind of industrial breeding is a great way to increase the risk for bird flu and new kinds of pandemics.

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Disgusting and inhuman. This farmer should be locked up and his business closed down

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In Japan, it is how most chickens are raised. No freedom.

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