Climate: Africa's energy future on a knife's edge

By Marlowe HOOD

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Being so close to the equator, Africa has a tremendous potential in solar energy.

With the pandemic slowing down, we recently took a trip to Mexico. It was refreshing to see so many new solar panel installations in that country.

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What laughable and naïve paper tigers and theories far away from any reality. In practice they will just only dismantle the solar panels and then one half will put it on their huts or bungalows to save money and the other half will sell them and the copper in the cables directly at a flee market or recycling station to make money. And then altogether with that money the whole family or the younger family members pay the traffickers, the bribes, false papers, flight, ship or train tickets during their migration odyssey into the holy West or North. Do you really expect them to at least only keep and maintain the panel parks and build a growing sustainable industry around them, so that the much generated energy is also used and not only happily looked at? Come on, you and me know much better what to expect from there and how much of their theoretical potential makes it into reality, if any, don’t we?

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