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Climate change 'main threat' for world heritage sites


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Built in around 3000 BC by the Indus civilization in modern-day South Asia, Mohenjo Daro was not swept away by the floods, most likely thanks to the genius of its designers.

Perched high above the Indus river, the city was equipped with a primitive drainage system and sewers, meaning much of the floodwaters could be evacuated.

Shows how advanced ancient Indians were that their drainage systems were better than what one can find in modern day India and Pakistan.

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The planners of a 5,000 year old city prepared for massive floods. A lesson to be learned there.

Hurricane Katrina caused immense suffering 20 years ago. Scientists warned it would happen, and Congress legislated the money to prepare for the massive hurricane, but the political leader in the White House at the time did not believe it was necessary to prepare for the impending disaster, and refused to spend the money.

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The floods will cease when the temperature becomes really high.

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