Climate Migration Explainer
Workers walk to work at an export processing zone early in the morning after crossing the Mongla river in Mongla, Bangladesh. Photo: AP/Mahmud Hossain Opu

Climate migration growing but not fully recognized by world


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Nope, nope and nope. Refugee status is just used as a trump card for anyone to turn up in a country and demand to be let in

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Wait till this Winter when the FAMINE starts due to the lack of grain from Ukraine. Especially in Africa. Those people will not wait for food, they will start walking toward Europe.

Mark my words.

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President Joe Biden ordered his national security adviser to conduct a months-long study that included looking at the “options for protection and resettlement of individuals displaced directly or indirectly from climate change.”

Hopefully they found that these unfortunates should be housed close to the fortunate few in places like, Becon Hill, Martha's vineyard, and San Francisco so they can easily get the financial support they will need from the top 1%.

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Just divert the money that's intended for supporting the war in Ukraine.

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The underlying fundamental issue is harnessing the greenhouse effect. There is a method for producing free electricity in enormous amounts without burning gas or coal and without emitting greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The method is: Operating thermal-solar power plants.

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Nah. It's economic migration, fuelled by the hopelessly soft policies of western countries. They know that if they pose as refugees, the bleeding heart liberals will let them in. Nothing to do with 'global warming'.

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