Climate warming forecasts may be too rosy: study

By Marlowe HOOD

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Can’t even manage anything at presence, how can you ever assume being capable of managing something for the future? Unbelievable…

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It looks like we are in for some catastrophic environmental scenarios.

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Having earned a Master of Science in this very field in 1982, I have watched as ignorance and greed have made things worse faster then originally feared. I think we now have no chance of avoiding disaster. We cannot stop the outgassing of the permafrost, and the eventual outgassing of the methane hydrates on the seafloors. There are already methane seeps in Antarctica, methane blowouts in Siberia along with the endless Siberian forest fires.

Hubris has killed us. We just wait now for the end.

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This summer was as warm as they come and the ice is freezing in the Barents Sea with ships trapped in November-doesn’t seem like warming to me

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Only predictions.

Doomsday's coming everyday, if you had to listen to some politicians with or without direct vested interest.

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Leading into this month's COP26 summit, the U.N. said existing policies would see Earth's average surface temperature rise a "catastrophic" 2.7 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2100.

I will take my chances before 2100.

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