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Coal use hits record in 2023, Earth's hottest year


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It's factual that one year has to be the hottest year in comparison to other years, and after eons, it has finally happened.

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The IEA said it was difficult to forecast demand in Russia, currently the fourth-largest coal consumer, because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and forecasts for Ukraine were equally uncertain.

No it's not. Both countries (and the USA and other suppliers of weapons to the Ukraine) will be WAY UP due to the need to fuel the war effort.

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The denial of the climate crisis is stupid and suicidal.

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Hottest year, most consumption of coal.

But you in your little car using gas is the problem lol.

Tax is what they want, whatever energy and GHG saving one could make.

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The article outlines that West Taiwan is the "problem", that West Taiwan doesn't want to solve the "problem" and even worsen it, and the people they're trying to guilt over this is...America and Europe, the ones REDUCING their coal consumption.

Tells you everything we need to know, doesn't it?

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