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COP28 lines up new climate pledges - but do they work?

By Kate Abnett

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The cost and resources devoted to the ‘environment’ in Dubai must be phenomenally damaging to the environment…

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Betteridge's law (of headlines) is an adage that states "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no."

The US (Dems and Reps) are blocking green transition tech from China (solar panels and EVs). That will slow any green transition in the nation that needs to ramp it up more than most others. Recent strikes have pushed up the cost of US EVs even further. The block on Russian oil has seen the US dig in on fossil diplomacy, supporting its allies. We can assume from this that the US considers Cold War 2 and tribalisation to be much more important than the green transition. Other nations will presumably follow this lead. So perhaps we should obey our leaders, stop worrying about climate change and any green transition, wave our flags and help build those border walls.

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Just a talkfest, generating more carbon emissions that it aims to solve, ironically being hosted in a draconian country that makes all its money from selling the very product that's made the world such a mess.

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GBR48Dec. 3 09:52 pm JST

I see alot of garbage about the US in your comment but nothing about oil peddler Russia or coal plant builder China. Cherry pick much?

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