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Dreaming the impossible dream: The 1.5 C climate target

By Marlowe HOOD

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We can all do our bit at grass-roots.

Eat less or no meat. No more lamb soup curries thank you very much, or yakitori with your partners. If you need the meat-like fix, soy based meats are very good. I regularly make a British style cottage pie using soy mince easily bought in my local supermarket, here in Tokyo (where I live).

No more unnecessary travel on frivolous vacations. Traversing the country (say Osaka to Sapporo) by plane, train, Shinkansen etc frequently to vacation with friends who have possibly travelled even further is environmentally irresponsible, immature and regressive.

If more people did the above, then we would be stepping in the right direction.

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We are taking steps to prevent the atmosphere from warming too much, which is better than not making an effort, but so far those steps are nowhere near sufficient.

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The assertion that we have more extreme weather events remains contentious

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