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Earth Day: How one grocery shopper takes steps to avoid 'pointless plastic'


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the climate activist claimed paper bags were bad for the environment.

They are, tree farming is bad for the environment. Yet, plastic is bad for obvious reasons, and the same applies to reusable bags which can be made from natural or synthetic fibers.

There is no good solution, just a least bad one. Yes, that's a hard concept to grasp for people who are limited or limiting themselves to binary thinking.

They constantly change the narrative and the goalposts.

That's what happens when the science changes, and the science changes when new evidence comes along. Would you really prefer science from more than half a century ago?

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Plastic wrappings are a bigger problem than plastic bags. While recycled paper or cellulose materials can be used for bags, there are new films available for foodstuff wrappings.

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I have taken to putting some vegetables and fruit in the cart without first putting them in a plastic bag. Avocados, bananas, and such, are not harmed by a lack of plastic.

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I have seen shoppers remove all the plastic packaging at the bag packing area and leaving it for the shop to deal with. I am not sure of the legality of this practice? If it is possible and many people did so, it would send a clear message to the retailer about customer preferences.

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I remember growing up in the 70’s how we used paper bags, but then the climate activist claimed paper bags were bad for the environment. They claimed plastic was safer to use. It’s a never ending story with the climate activist cult! They constantly change the narrative and the goalposts.

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