Earth given 50-50 chance of hitting key warming mark by 2026


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I've been marathoning natural disaster movies and it's honestly terrifying that all those scenarios could be in our future. I wonder if this imminent threat will be enough for countries to put their differences aside and work together to minimize the effects of global warming.

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This is a confusing article. It throws out different averages and claims about how important they all are. It's hard to get a clear picture from it.

Towards the end, it says this "1.5C above in a single year as an average" will be reached due to a further increase of one tenth of a deg C in five years from where we are now. Which implies that although the multi-decade average is currently 1.1C above (rear view mirror), we must already be at 1.4C over in single years. Another alarm bell ringing which will no doubt be ignored. With the Ukraine war affecting a major wheat producing region and therefore food security, there could be very serious consequences.

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They would similarly cry and publish horrible scenarios if the average temperature would remain constant or if it would sink by 1.5 degrees. No one can satisfy or shut up them.

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Earth given 50-50 chance of hitting key warming mark by 2026:

A 48% chance the globe will reach a yearly average of 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial level by 2026?

At the current rate of temperature rise, one would reckon the probability could be 70% or higher.

Beware, things don't look good at all..

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Once we meet that threshold, what is the new message? Because we will hit that magic number.

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Low odds of the world ending then, must be the reason countries are spending big on weapons again

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