Earth is 'really quite sick now' and in danger zone in nearly all ecological ways, study says


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Unfortunately it will not matter how serious de situation is, how dire the consequences or how well defended the findings of the scientific report are, there will be always people with a deep irrational antiscientific basis calling studies from recognized experts "fear mongering" just so they can justify in their minds not listening to the science.

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can justify in their minds not listening to the science.

Said unironically, just shows that you only consider science that which confirms your own bias/views.

Science also is not a democracy.

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As Agent Smith of Matrix fame said - humans are like a virus in some ways.

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The industrial revolution ironically may lead to a drastically lower level of living if the impending disasters are not avoided.

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No appeal to “science” will be successful as long as anthropomorphic terms like “sick” are used.

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What would you have us do, eat ze bugs? Bug numbers are way down though.

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It's never going to improve unless something is done to curb the continuous rise in the earth's population which is leading to alarming levels of pollution because the major population increases are in countries where the population is generally ignorant of the effects of their polluting ways.

The Chinese government estimated that some 400 million births were prevented by their one child policy though this was disputed by some. I don't have another solution to offer unless perhaps, something can be put in the drinking water. /s

I only know that every time I see on the TV news lines of people escaping from countries which have mired in civil wars for many many years they all have hordes of young children and babies all conceived and born after the civil wars started and they all think they have a right to be accepted as refugees in other countries despite their ignorance.

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Said unironically, just shows that you only consider science that which confirms your own bias/views.

That makes no sense, the scientific consensus do not change according to what each person believes, so this argument fall flat, if every institution of science related to the topic says the same thing then pretending they are all wrong is obviously an irrational position to take, it does not matter what you personally believe the consensus do not change of value because of that.

Science also is not a democracy

Who said otherwise? the consensus is not something reached by voting, it is something that is recognized when each researcher, group, institution ends up holding the same conclusions from the data and the community in general recognizes this. Nobody "votes" to recognize that the function of the heart is to pump blood, but it is still the consensus of medicine.

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As I've said a few times, the issue is that there needs to be a "simple", consistent, measurable, and verifiable metric in which to quantify it. And people, companies whatever needs to rewarded / punished based on it (ie. Financially). Without it, there won't be any progress. You can have 50 thousand studies nothing would happen.

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For the superrich, being superrich is more important than saving the earth from the damage their factories cause.

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Mother Earth has been hurting for decades and we are reaching the point of no return.

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