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English rivers in 'desperate' state: report


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English rivers are in a "desperate condition", campaigners warned this week in a report highlighting the growing impact of pollution on nation's waterways.

This is a deplorable situation. For years, environmental soundness has been ignored by these people, who carelessly trash Trafalgar Square.

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It's a complete disgrace. Is there a single metric that shows the UK is getting better, except stock market levels, property prices and number of grouse and pheasants to shoot? If no, it might be because these are inversely correlated.

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14 years. Of what?

Sewage in rivers, NHS broken, the only country in the world stupid enough to privatise its WATER.

The country on its uppers and the government are now just striping it for parts.

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Many EU rivers and waterways are also in a bad way. A bill to provide funding to clean them up and restore their natural beauty was defeated.

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This of course has nothing to do with the "invasion" of people who bring their 3rd world culture of dumping things in the river.


Pollution from fertilizer and pumping sewage can be blamed on immigrants?

I don’t think even Farage or Tice have tried that line.

A bit desperate there, mate.

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Clean water, air and nature need to be a priority, not just talking points, all people, business and Govt. can take action to become more environment friendly!

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Our local Japanese was polluted to hell by the leatherworks along it. Then it was cleaned up and the leatherwork stopped. The water is now crystal clear with many kinds of fish and other wildlife like birds and ducks. Not too much rubbish dumping by passing motorists.

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The U.K is a mess generally.

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Maybe they can blame it on that convenient scapegoat, "mass immigration."

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