Can technology solve the global climate crisis?

By Timothy Gardner

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The so-called revolution in agriculture that will be discussed at COP28 will reportedly include all meat and dairy produced products that are not grown under agreed-to conforming strict conditions and practices. Those that are identified on the not-sustainable short list, with reportedly high negative impacts, includes items such as farmed shrimp and farmed fish, eggs, soybean / tofu processing, beans and nuts, as well as certain crops that require large amounts of water or fertilizer. But the first apparent step is to promote AI to step in and prescribe, in phases, how production must change to meet yet-announced new standards.

December 10th is COP28 Food, Agriculture and Water Day, and December 12th is Food and Agrifood Systems Day. I would earnestly hope that farm and ranch associations across the world, as well as farmers and ranchers representing family, small business, and cooperative scale operations, will be invited and welcome to participate, since many of the discussions reportedly will have agreements underway that will change much of their livelihoods rapidly by 2030.

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Can technology solve global climate crisis?

There is no global climate crisis?

There is only a human waste crises.

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haha no it’s not! Your fake climate narrative is just that. You have a history of posting misinformation don’t you.

When every single institution of science in the world supports the existence and consequences of climate change your accusation is without any value.

You have a history of posting misinformation don’t you.

The scientific consensus is not disinformation, pretending all the scientist of the world must be wrong because you choose to believe differently is what is disinformation.

Having to reduce yourself to use a false global conspiracy in order to explain why the scientists of the world contradict your personal opinion is not an argument, is an excuse you have to use because you don't have any argument, any evidence to refute reality.

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They should be allowed to speak

Unfortunately when they are allowed to use public forums to repeat things well demonstrated as false there is a risk of other people being mislead into having the same beliefs, for things as serious as the climate change crisis that means the forums that let these falsehoods be repeated share part of the responsibility of the negative effects they are allowing to spread. Xitter is a clear (if exaggerated) example of what happens, but any outlet can end up in a similar situation.

Once companies notice rampant disinformation running in a place they would be justified to bring their ads (and money) elsewhere, even if only to avoid being perceived as supporting climate change denialism.

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If you study alien civilizations enough (ancient and current) you can understand that climate crisis is just a blip in the course of their advancement, swiftly solved by technology, it will only depend on how keen they are to use their own brains, biotechnologically enhanced or not.

Here on earth we have human beings rabidly against non-petrol individual vehicles.

Michio Kaku predicts we will finally be able to upgrade from zero to Type 1 civilization by the end of this century but I have my doubts.

Greedy oil and car companies prefer to choke the entire human race than move on just for 'profits' and this is the ultimate proof of how primitive our civilization is if compared with others species even within our Virgo Cluster

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If you study alien civilizations

There are zero confirmed alien civilizations to study.

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Erh, okay...



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Erh, okay...

That link only supports the fact that there are zero confirmed alien civilizations to study, much less to know if these theoretical civilizations experienced any climate crisis (let alone it becoming a blip). Imaginary facts not supported by evidence are not a valid argument about what is better to do or not.

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Can technology solve the global climate crisis?

Well what is the definition of climate crisis now? What are the bounds , the ends

Isn't the climate crisis supposed to end the world soon? Why isn't anyone mentioning it now?

Why is there no more urgency?

Did the climate emergency solved itself?

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Isn't the climate crisis supposed to end the world soon?

What scientific source have said this? The only people making this claim are anti-scientific propaganda groups that exaggerate the actual claims (of important increase of disasters, disease and difficulties for agricultural production for example). If your sources are those anti-scientific groups the best thing to do is to stop trusting them and instead listen to scientific authorities.

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Technology plus policy is what is needed, not technology by itself.

Not mentioned as a technology that would be helpful is Enhanced Geothermal. The interior of the Earth is hot everywhere, under the thin crustal shell that we live on. Even Antarctica is hot under the surface. The technology to use geothermal energy anywhere on Earth is finally becoming available. What is needed now is the will to develop it.

By the way, it irks me when Iceland is constantly given as an example of developing geothermal energy. The leading places for geothermal in the world are:

1.) California

2.) Indonesia

3.) The Philippines

4.) Turkiye

5.) the 49 states of the USA that do not include California

More than 6% of our power in California is from geothermal, while the 49 states that do not include California get less than 0.3% from geothermal. The problem is not that geothermal cannot be developed in other places, but that the political will to develop it is lacking.

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Geothermal is all over Japan and readily accessible yet the government would rather have nuclear than geothermal power…

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The technology for solving the climate problem is in its infancy but might well work if it can be developed. That alone won't solve the problem completely but if it helps it's worth the try. Reduction of the use of fossil fuels, coal, and other sources of CO2 causing the problem should also be developed. Technology got us into this and technology just might help us get out of it, too.

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