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How warming affects Arctic sea ice, polar bears


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Save the polar bears!!!

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Not sure why the polar bear is the face of global warming.

History shows they have thrived when the earth was much warmer than today, most recently during the Holocene Climactic Optimum, 5000-9000 years ago.

And the population is up 600% from 1950, thanks in part to preservation efforts, but still the environment is not exactly wiping them out.

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"...current strategies to lower greenhouse gases may not be enough to avert the worst effects of climate change." From the Nov. 5th, 2021, New York Times, attributed to the U.S. Department of Energy.

In other words, we are in deep trouble, even if we don't realize it yet. It isn't only the polar bears that have been impacted by global warming. The millions of people who have been trying to migrate north from the Middle East and Africa are not only trying to reach countries with a higher standard of living. The worst drought in about a thousand years, perhaps linked to global warming, and governments that are corrupt and incompetent to the extent that they do not help their people, have already impacted our modern societies.

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Amstrup is a bit less than credible....


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"increasingly hungry" Well there's an wealth of misinformation in this one article (and without any verifiable sources for the statements) .

From a true reseacher:


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Sad reflection on us!

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