Floods, fires drive Australian home insurance crisis


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Bad management by the National Park will see more and more mega fires. Until the NP are bared from managing the bush and the return to allowing the First Nation Peoples. To manage the environment. By allowing the policy of treating the bush as a wilderness area which only ever exits for the last 500 years in a small corner in south west Tasmania ( pure wilderness area with no history of human occupation). Where the rest of Australia have had human population for over 70,000 years and managed by the locals for the same amount of time. These fire are not the result of climate change ( yes the flood were the result of climate but the fires were from the result of 5 decades of very bad bush management under the Care of national Park . It such ashamed for a for a such respected group that they are claiming the fires were the the result of climate change and their Management . It from the NP policy of not allowing annual burn off which was the usually management policy by the local until the NP took over management.

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Insurers are going to have to be a lot less lazy and start examining more details on properties before insuring them. Lots more tick boxes on construction and location.

They may also have to offer different insurance packages with lower payouts for lower fees, and ones that exclude climate change related damage.

Australia is in the front line of climate change. Parts of it are already becoming unsuitable for residential development. That % will increase, and not just in Australia.

In the UK, flood risk maps are available, and it is unwise to buy a house in one. Moor and scrub fires, usually started by kids in school holidays, are becoming a problem too.

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Insurance availability as new driving factor in urban and residential planning.

Market forces at work.

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