Flying green will be more expensive


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Perhaps its best to feed ‘the masses’ news of this nature in small doses under the guise of ‘saving the planet’? It seems once again that future air travel & travel abroad will return to almost exclusively the realm of only those that can afford it and the leisure time away from ‘work’?

- “With airlines financially fragile, the "money is going to have to come from someone". Making the customer pay "might not be a bad idea," Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot, a partner at Archery Strategy Consultingadded.

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If the customer doesn't pay, that means the taxpayer must. So the customer should pay, myself included.

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Everything Green is more expensive.

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So many efforts asked to an industry that only represents 2% of the global warming.

Meanwhile your Netflix datacenters and your latest Gucchi outfits are polluting more than you think !

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Air travel should be double the cost it is now.

I would willingly pay to reduce pollution.

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I'm all for a return to ocean liner travel.

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Actually, I would pay three times to cost to decrease the number of people flying on a whim.

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Can we stop pretending it's the West that's producing the biggest amounts of environmental pollution? Even if we all stopped somehow, just places like China, where everything is unregulated and they produce crazy amounts of plastic, are enough to keep pushing the pollution to new levels. No one has the guts to confront them, Indian and other countries that the press avoids talking about...

While being respectful of the environment, I'm not going to feel guilty for existing and limit my entire life and waste time traveling on trains and boats, while half of the planet remains unchecked. This is all a pile of BS and it's about limiting the freedoms of western people more than caring about the environment. Just my two cents.

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One the one hand that would make air travel too expensive to partake in annually.

On the other hand, it would cut down on the hordes of riff-raff you find on planes these days. Flying is like taking a Greyhound bus in the sky.

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You know how ridiculous that sounds that to go green is more expensive.

What could possibly be more valuable than nature itself ?

Quality of life is health not money.

Human civilization is so dumb.

Health food is also too expensive.

Medical care too expensive.

Blah blah blah !

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