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Global fossil fuel use, emissions hit records in 2023, report says

By Robert Harvey

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Stick a fork in our a$$ and turn us over. We're done. Soon we will be literally cooked too.

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MoonrakerToday 08:34 am JST

Stick a fork in our a$ and turn us over. We're done. Soon we will be literally cooked too.

That's funny. We're all gonna need a better sense of humour as we navigate this.

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No surprise really

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The scaling up of renewables must continue vigorously, if we want to survive.

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Yes they are.

Renewable resources refer to those that can be replaced in human lifespans. Only an idiot thinks fossil fuels fits into this.

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We are speaking about renewables, but the more important property of these energy sources is not the fact that they are renewed but the fact that they do not contribute to the greenhouse process. Fissile materials are not renewable, but they are good in this latter sense.

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Last year, 80% of world energy was from fossil fuels. Fossil fuel subsidies surged to a record $7 trillion last year as governments supported consumers and businesses.

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