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Germany's mine-to-motor lithium supply chain takes shape

By Sebastien ASH

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Chinese-style state funding comes at a cost. Watch your education, health and social funding collapse as public money funds the duplication of anything made abroad. Oh, and these factories don't run on faery dust and push out moonbeams. Manufacturing has a huge carbon footprint. That's why the British government is shuttering so much steel production in Wales, offshoring their emissions abroad.

Plus, the fantasy of self-sustainability in all of these areas, shutting off your supply chains because they are not politically pure enough (or because the Americans tell you to), will considerably delay the green transition. So get ready for some very warm summers.

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Most people don't know, World TODAY mines +1000X more Iron Ore, +1000X more Coal, etc. than Lithium.

Plus, MANY new batteries require NO rare earths, Sodium Ion taking off, MUCH cheaper & environmental, batteries keep getting better in all respects daily, that open global tech culture in action.

While amount of energy of liter of gasoline always been and will always be the SAME, while destroying planet.

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