Global food system emissions imperil Paris climate goals

By Marlowe HOOD

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Stop over fertilization, and go back to the system of rotating crops, wherein some pastures are allowed to go fallow. Farmers who can make more money by leasing their lands to solar farm companies than they can by growing crops are not allowed to lease their lands, due to overzealous local governments trying to protect the fossil fuel industries.

We have farmers here in the States who are paid not to grow crops, while others use more fertilizer than they need to, thus poisoning the ocean and the Great Lakes, in order to maximize crop yield.

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Without a sharp change in production and diet, the study concluded, global food consumption will boost Earth's average surface temperature 0.7C and 0.9C by century's end.

All of you who are bothered by this need to be the first to stop eating. Go ahead, I appreciate your dedication and sacrifice. If your starvation has any effect, I will honor your efforts by moderating my consumption.

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First regulate private jets before regulating food production-priorities!

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